we Believe...

each child is unique, competent and has a right to explore the world around them.

“Play is the Highest Form of Research” – Albert Einstein

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Play that is initiated by a child fosters their imaginative and inventive learning along with their developing abilities. This also allows them to gain firsthand experience, giving them the ability to choose how to use their resources. Children thrive when they have a lot of time to pursue their own ideas through play. Yorkson Childcare Academy recognizes emerging interests in children, facilitates them through inquiry, and plans a curriculum around them.

Children can naturally direct their learning through play for any purpose they require, including reading, writing, kindness, and compassion for their peers.

We identify children’s individual learning needs through ongoing observation of their interactions with peers, materials, and their surroundings.

We provide a variety of activities and programs to stimulate your child’s mind and body, such as art, music, and outdoor play.


Our mission is to ensure that children can learn from their peers while playing in a safe and loving environment. Our role is to create a welcoming environment for children to learn, play, and make new friends.

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Our aim is to create an environment that encourages active engagement in all areas of learning, including physical, language, social, emotional, intellectual, and creative experiences.

We Value & Care

We value that child-initiated play is essential to early learning. Children thrive when they are given ample opportunities to engage in independent play. Yorkson Childcare Academy’s curriculum is designed to focus on care in children’s developing interests and facilitate them via inquiry.

Foundation Stage

Early Years – 7 Areas Of Learning